A re-visit to Radar Hill in July 2005; 40 years later...
Bob Lilley

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Here are the notes from the visit:

Took a long hike from the Dairy Lane entrance to the Ridges property up to the old Radar Hill site. Some climbing -- felt like about a 4-mile total. Very pretty!  The whole area is now a biological workshop and it shows. Kept well; remnants of the old orchard still there, and remnants of the antenna foundations, etc., still on top of the hill. But trees have really sprouted at the top in the decades since the Hill has been left alone.

It felt good to remember all those neat times up there! It's also good that the place has returned to nature, and is, in fact, a park. Spent an hour or so looking around and taking pictures. Got rained on a little, and had some quiet time to think about the Barnums, Clabaughs, George Bush (yes -- remember?) Dudashs, Huffs, Burhanses and so many other people we met and worked with up there. It was another of those good growing-up experiences that, fortunately, didn't grow us up too much!

For years, I have a recurring dream about Radar Hill -- the buildings being turned into condos, but with enough of the old laboratory equipment around so that it's clear what the location is. 

Maybe I don't need that dream any more. We made use of that spot, and we're just not using it any more. It looks good.

Bob Lilley, October 2005

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7/27/2005 14:53
At the intersection in the road, with Radar Hill to the right

7/27/2005 14:54
The access road to the Hill.

7/27/2005 14:56
Laboratory Building 1 was in front of the small tree in the center. We're very near the location of the front gate.

7/27/2005 14:57
Proceeding toward the front door of Building 1

7/27/2005 14:58
Closer view of the hilltop behind Building 1. ONe of the supports for the 30-foot dish is still visible.

7/27/2005 14:58
Proceeding to the right (North) in front of Building 1 and the location of the first tropo dish.

7/27/2005 15:20
One of the mountings for the tropo dish at Building 1.

7/27/2005 15:01
On the hilltop, looking south from about the top of Building 1.

7/27/2005 15:00
30-foot dish foundation, above Building 1.

7/27/2005 15:03
Looking back East toward the old Mental Health Center (Athens to the left of the picture) from the roof of Building 1.

7/27/2005 15:03
Toward Athens. Trees have grown a lot since the operational days amt Radar Hill.

7/27/2005 15:03
Looking north from the hilltop approximately through the tropo dish. All the trees are post-Radar Hill days.

7/27/2005 15:03
North toward the Gun Director which steered the 30-foot dish.

7/27/2005 15:04
Northwest toward the horizon.

7/27/2005 15:04
West with WOUB-TV tower (used for boresighting by aiming at a microwave dish at approximately 0-degrees elevation. 

7/27/2005 15:04

7/27/2005 15:05
The "Hospital" surveyors' benchmark on the hilltop. 

7/27/2005 15:06
On the hilltop north of Building 1and the steerable 30-foot dish, moving toward the Gun Director.

7/27/2005 15:07
It could be that the concrete fragments here came from the foundation of the Gun Director.
North of the hilltop, looking south.

7/27/2005 15:14
Sohio 28-foot steerable dish foundation, west side of hill.

7/27/2005 15:15
Sohio dish support, on west side of the hill, looking east.

7/27/2005 15:16
Could be a ceramic base for a high-voltage vacuum tube -- or not...

7/27/2005 15:21
From a spot near where the tower laboratory was located, looking about east.

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