My first computer! The year was 1962, at Ohio University in Athens, OH; one of these machines was installed in Super Hall, the home
of the physics department. I remember having lunch (well, burgers and coke...) with Ohlen Cartmell, a fellow electrical engineering student,
and noticing a pad of LGP-30 coding sheets in his pile of books. Asked him about it, and, as they say, the rest is history.
I used up evenings, nights, weekends...with the likes of Dick Dils, Paul Holzschuler, the late Carl Trivett, many others.
Thanks to Mel Kaye (yes, see "The story of Mel, a Real Programmer" -- just about anywhere on the Web) and the others at Royal Precision,
we became (or thought we became) "real programmers" who could work at the binary level ... well, because we had to!
We also played Mel's famous/infamous Blackjack game -- hundreds of times.

Here are some quick examples of the materials I saved from those days...

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A view through the glass at the early Ohio University Computer Center in old Super Hall - about 1962. The LGP-30 plus Flexowriter and and paper-tape Photoreader are tended by a student, whose name escapes me. Another Flexowriter is in the left rear corner, used for preparing paper-tape programs. Program tape rolls are in the plastic-parts drawer unit on the back wall to the right of the bookshelf, and manual calaulators are on the desk partially in view to the right. A lot of good times, good computing and learning went on here.








Legendary "real programmer" 
Mel Kaye wrote a lot of the routines
we used.


Here's a Mel Kaye original!


Mel's unique initials signature.





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