Some photos from Japan, April-June 1997 Kohei Miura Visiting Professorship, at Chubu University, Kasugai, near Nagoya

Bob and Ellen Lilley

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Delta flew the great circle route...

Early on, we visited beautiful Eihoji Temple, near Tajimi

Typical of many Zen gardens we saw

Looking north from the apartment on Yamate Dori, Nagoya

Chubu campus; replica of the Ohio University cupola (rotunda)

Chubu University President Kasuo Yamada and the International Office's Tomoyasu Tanaka host Bob and Ellen Lilley for some sightseeing in Nagoya

A gong, typical of those at many temples and shrines

The "C I Manshon" apartment building. We were on the 10th floor.

Bob's academic host at Chubu, Dr. Mikio Yasubayashi. Office looks like Bob's.

Pagodas at Nittaji temple, Nagoya

Tomoyasu and Sumiko Tanaka, great friends of the Ohio University visitors

An overview of the Chubu campus, Kasugai

Some things are NOT different in Japan!

The oldest cherry tree in Japan; it took hours by train to get to this site, northwest of Nagoya at Usuzumi Zakaya

Koto players at a meeting of international ladies, Kyoto

The giant daibutsu at 14-th century Toganji Temple in Nagoya

Entry guardian lions at Toganji

Site of the 5.3 earthquake which waked Bob during one night in May (about 25 miles East of Nagoya)