While the guys were away on business trips, Kandace Illgen, Ellen Lilley and John Illgen's assistant Lily Goodman
helped to host a group of visiting Young Leaders from China.
This evening event was aboard the "Channel Cat", a huge catamaran berthed
at Santa Barbara Harbor. The boat is owned by Charles Munger, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway;
we have used it before, for a New Year's party. It is truly magnificent.
The Captain, King Williams, is also the builder.
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Lily Goodman, Ellen Lilley and Kandace Illgen squint at the sun prior to boarding the Channel Cat.
...and once on board, get a little goofy!
Ellen's portrait. The Channel Cat in the background easily holds 100+ people -- at our New Year's party in 2000, we invited that many and it was not crowded, even with dancing!
Ellen chats with First Officer Rex Williams on the bridge.
Kandace Illgen poses with the boat.
It's a tough life, but somebody's got to ride on these boats!
Captain and builder King Williams goes over the navigational gear with Lily.
Lily mugs it up with Young Leaders host Sean Molloy.
...and here's Lily's portrait. 
Illgen's Chief Scientist Tom Strelich and wife Alison prepare to relax after working with the Young Leaders group during the day.
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