In January, 2004, Elden and Sandy Dellanina held a "mussel feed" at their home in Montecito, CA.
This event is most popular, as you will see below, starting out with a trip to the beach at low tide to gather the raw materials
for a dinner extrordinaire. Good food and friends: Just another of the day-to-day perks of life in Paradise!

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This is one of those "must participate" events - a real E-ticket attraction.

As soon as the mussels arrived form the beach, Elden took over as chief cook, aided by Robin Hodge and Michael Koelsch.

Elden's daughter Gina (on the right) sets up a picture with Ellen.

...and the feast takes shape!

...and the opposite view.


Now, this is January, but it's in Santa Barbara -- note the open door and the shirt-sleeved or light jackets...!

Great presentation! Everything fresh and organic!

...and the crew gets down to business. Many of these folks are members of Santa Barbara's premier social group The Graduates, and this is just the kind of event they like!

Another view, on Elden's patio -- There's a hint of the beautiful mountain view from his house -- more also on the Graduates' web site www That's our hostess Sandy Dellanina standing in the background.

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