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Mussel Feed, January 2003
A good friend in Athens, Ohio planted a decoy duck in our lake there. We brought the duck to California, where it enjoys a place of honor by the waterfall.

Thanks, Hope!

Cat in the Cradle
The Cat's in the Cradle, at Christmas time. 
"Gray Kitty" wanted to try out the new facility 
before grandson Kai took it over...
Delta Launch 3/2003
A Delta rocket launch at Vandenberg,
north of Santa Barbara. Launches
are visible every few weeks, 
from the front veranda.

Same launch a little later - The rocket has stopped producing a contrail, 
and is the tiny darker spot some distance beyond the white trail.
Warm Cats
World Domination
 It took a while for these two to learn to interact without really competing...

The homestead

Celebs -- well, one celeb at least!

Gwindal made the trip from Ohio...

...with his personality entirely intact!

Nikita arrived by airplane from Ohio in 2001.

Brought too much stuff! Couldn't get it all into the garage, so a storage unit...up those stairs or by elevator...

Even though we sold, burned, gave away, left behind... but we do dig into some of those old "scrapbook" boxes from time to time. 
Some interesting stuff in there!
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