California Fires, October, 2003

Well, this is one of the frightening events out here -- potential destruction on a scale something like an
east-coast hurricane or southwest - midwest twisters. So, guess you can move but you can't hide.
The pictures are awe-inspiring.
These fires never got closer than some 50-60 miles from Santa Barbara, but they are a sobering
reminder that there have been fires right in our town...

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Once the fires became established, the smoke plumes (A, B, C) were even visible by satellite. "A" (the "Simi Valley Fire" was closest to us in Santa Barbara, but still over 50 miles away. 

A couple of days later, there seemed to be less smoke, but the plume from the "A" fire was blowing directly over Santa Barbara. It was one of those brown-hazy days, where the sun looked like blood. Hard to breathe!

From a patio (not ours!), a view not to like.

No comment needed.

The fire creates its own wind, and blows embers everywhere. This, together with the tinder-dry underbrush accumulation causes a rapidly moving fire front.

These guys deserve all the credit we can give.

These houses were saved, believe it or not.

But, this Federal Aviation Administration navigational radio aid (a VHF Omnirange Station in the hills above Los Angeles), was a casualty. A remarkably complete destruction of a facility that contains a LOT of metal!