Random pictures at home, around town and on the return trip, July 2002, with some later updates.
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We stopped at this model railroad club on the way back from the Carbide Camps reunion, July, 2002.
A nice layout.
Just as nice a scene -- although the glue bottle and styrofoam cup give it away.
A moonshine still hidden in the styrofoam hills... 
Topped off with a model of the Hawks Nest State Park area in West Virginia.
Around the house: This picture has hung in my parents' bedroom, here and in England, since Bob was born. He brought it "home" to Santa Barbara after his father's death in October, 2002.
The house in Lymington England, 1959-62. The watercolor artist was Charles Kemp, a fellow student at Ohio Unviersity, in 1963, working from a photograph. He did not include the roof damage, from WW-II shrapnel.
A painting by Zaini, from the living room; it never meant so much until the Paris visit last year. With both parents now gone, it hangs in the Santa Barbara house.
Elk River as it empties into the Kanawha at Charleston. Interstate 77-79 enters from the right, and 77 and 64 head east to the left. To photo top, 64 heads toward South Charleston and points further west.
Kanawha River at South Charleston; Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical) plant on the mainland and the island. 
Point Pleasant WV and Gallipolis OH. Kanawha River to the right joins the Ohio here. Note the highway on the Ohio side that was built to connect with the Silver Bridge across the Ohio, which fell in 1968, just aftter the road was completed.
Proceeding west: Chicago's skyline from the west on approach to O'Hare.
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