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Bob's 65th Birthday,2007

With Mike and Berkeley McCaleb and 40-50 other friends, Bob celebrates his 65th in good health 
(the pictures might cause worry about his mental  health...).
Mike's birthday is in the same month, so this get-together was efficient in addition to being fun!
The Blues Brothers thing "just happened" as the result of unchecked conversation at another party...
Mike insists the correct term is "Booze Brothers." He may be right.

We enjoyed the music of Michael Holland,  a guest who didn't mind doing a little "work" during his visit! 
Great fun!


... some dry white toast, and four fried chickens and a coke..."

"Moll" Berkeley joins Bob and Mike

Michael Holland sounds great!

Our kitty sees a new toy, not quite out of reach.

Ready to do the cake thing... the revelers revel!