Located in the heart of Crystal City, a short walk from the Metro station,
which is in an expensive Marriott Hotel (but at least there's a Starbuck's outpost there),
the AMERICANA offers accommodations at something like $90 per night!

Just the thing for the small company trying to be efficient and cost-effective! Convenient covered parking
for those snowy days, and less-convenient access to food and drink at Crystal Underground,
or at a little "convenience" store in the building next door -- NO! the store is under new
"management" and it is terrible to the point of being unsafe!
Use the 7-11 a block west on 15th street. You'll stay healthier.

Tell Larry Curtis, night manager, that "Bob sent you". And pick up a donut
and cup of coffee or tea in the lobby -- because that's what there is!

Click on the thumbnails for enlargements, to appreciate the fine detail of this near-art-deco throwback
to the pre-Interstate days of the original Holiday Inns and U.S. Route 66.


Your home away from home, at "honest" government rates!


There's that covered parking. Exactly 6 feet clearance -- watch your head!


Every room has 28 KB Internet dial-up access... and if you choose your spot carefully, there's higher-speed wi-fi.


If you're headed south on Jeff Davis Highway (U.S. 1) you will see this sign on the right just after you cross the river.(Some of the letters might not be lighted, but who's counting?)


The place may be painted pink, but it's "straight".